Wonder oil - benefits of argan oil

Wonder oil - benefits of argan oil

The Wonder Oil

Argan oil is gaining a lot of popularity in the beauty industry and for good reasons. It's a natural way to improve skin, nails, and hair! It is rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids. Vitamin E can help keep skin hydrated, boost effectiveness of sunscreen, and improve dry skin. Did you know that Argan oil contains 200-300% more Vitamin E than olive oil? Essential fatty acids are necessary for the health of our cellular membranes which keeps our skin firm and elastic.

Argan oil is a source of natural antioxidants which protects our skin from chemicals, pollutions and sun damange - giving you that glowing skin. Included is ferulic acid which is a very rare antioxidant that's highly valued because it becomes more potent when exposed to the sunlight! Argan oil also contain Squalene, Polyphenols, and others which help reduce signs of aging, promote skin repair and water retention. You can read more about what's present in argan oil here.

What are some benefits of argan oil?

Argan oil benefits for skin:


  • Reduces skin irritation
  • Helps to prevent stretch marks
  • Anti-aging
  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Moisturizing
  • Promotes wound healing
  • Regulates the secretion of sebum
  • Reduces blemishes
  • Prevents acne

How argan oil can help nails:

  • Strengthens and improves fingernail and cuticle health

Can argan oil benefit the hair? 

You bet:

  • Hydrates, strengthens, repairs dry, damaged and dull hair
  • Restores the luster and shine of hair and mends split ends
  • Revitalizes the scalp and hair growth


However, when buying argan oil you'll want to be careful to select one that is pure and doesn't contain harmful additives. 
Try including argan oil into your beauty regime and see how it could change you!

Biozkin argan oil for the face is 100% virgin with no fillers and is certified organic by USDA National Organic Program and European Union. You can also be reassured that these argan oil come from a licensed compounding pharmacy located in Canada.

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