Do You Know Topical Vitamin B12 is An Option in Dermatitis and Psoriasis Topical Steroid?

Do You Know Topical Vitamin B12 is An Option in Dermatitis and Psoriasis Topical Steroid?

Topical steroid is one of the mainstays for treatment of skin conditions including eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis in adults and children. Steroid cream reduces itching, redness, and inflammation. However, chronic use has potential side effects such as thinning of skin. Biosense’s clinical pharmacist expresses “getting frustrated with the symptoms flaring up again when stopping steroid cream? You are not alone. Now, there is an option for you, topical vitamin B12.”

Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin and cofactor in the body. It is responsible for lots of function to maintain the body’s well being. More than that, when applying on skin, vitamin B12 has been shown to be beneficial to chronic skin conditions. Various studies and evidence have confirmed that topical B12 should be considered as a treatment option in children with eczema, speeding up the healing of sunburns, relieve dry skin conditions, possesses anti-aging effect in reducing depth of wrinkle and tightening of skin, and help smoothen acne and razor scar.

Topical vitamin B12 possesses a powerful regenerative effect in various skin conditions (dermatitis, psoriasis, and even baby rash). It can even be used as a skin care product. B12 is very well tolerated and safe. Methycobalamin, the active form of vitamin B12 is the recommended form since it does not require any conversion and is readily for use by our skin. Biosense suggests, “Biozkin B12 plus cream which contains the active form of methycobalamin for you and your family.”

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